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Executive Offices/Administration

This division assists the national president, national vice president, national secretary, and national treasurer by addressing their communications and administrative needs. Contact Executive Offices/Administration


Washington, D.C. Office

Promoting collaboration with organizations in our nation’s capital is the primary role of this division.  Contact Washington, D.C. Office


Promoting Service Not Self and assisting the national membership committee with retention and recruitment strategies are key priorities of the Membership Division. In addition to answering hundreds of questions daily and providing support to members nationwide, this division is charged with the national member database (ALAMIS) and assisting departments and units in membership processing, annual renewal notices and membership cards, membership statistics, Paid Up For Life (PUFL) memberships, unit and district/county charters. Contact Membership


Keeping a close watch on all things financial, the Finance Division handles everything from paying the bills and balancing budgets to making sure the Auxiliary is up-to-date on all government-mandated regulations. Contact Finance  


Providing our members with tools that present the best information in the best possible way is the Communication and Marketing Division's responsibility. They produce resources like Auxiliary magazine, ALA eNews, ALA In the Know eBulletin, the Auxiliary website, brochures, and news release templates, among others. These print and electronic media communication vehicles not only help our members successfully do their work, but they also keep the general public up-to-date on the mission activity of the Auxiliary. Contact Communications/Marketing  


In support of mission outreach provided to veterans, military, and their families by over 600,000 volunteers, the Development Division bridges the gap between what veterans need and what the monies from membership dues can provide. Additional support is made possible through donor contributions to both the American Legion Auxiliary and the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation. Donations from Auxiliary members and supporters help make scholarships, youth mentoring, support for disabled veterans, and emergency funds for unexpected tragedies a reality. Contribute today | Contact Development


Programs and Events represent the HOW and WHY of our organization. In the Programs and Events Division, two distinct, yet equally valuable facets of the outreach of the American Legion Auxiliary’s mission coexist.

Impacting areas which range from educating youth to supporting veterans, the program staff at National Headquarters is comprised of subject matter experts who ensure our mission reaches grassroots members, as well as target audiences outside our organization. Working collaboratively with ALA national leaders, we ensure the needs -- no matter how great or small -- of our military and veteran population are met. Through “boots on the ground” implementation of the ALA’s mission by our nationwide network of ALA volunteers, we serve veterans, military, and their families throughout every stage of their lives.

A vital part of the ALA’s mission delivery is the face-to-face training, idea sharing, and process development that happens at ALA national events. Often working behind the scenes, members of the National Headquarters event team are responsible for the logistics of national events, including registration, vendor coordination, and complete travel management. Whether it is for ALA Mission Training, board meetings, or our National Convention, these expert project managers ensure success through the 12-month cycle of events, reaching almost every corner of our nation. Contact Programs/Events  

American Legion Auxiliary
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Phone: (317) 569-4500
Fax: (317) 569-4502
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"I remember going down to the Legion post with my grandfather [World War II U.S. Army veteran Howard Schlitter], and hearing him say things like, “You’ve got to take care of the veterans. You’ve got to be there for them and help them out.” None of that really resonated with me until after he was gone. Then, I realized I have to be his voice."
- Mike Monserud, ALA member of Auxiliary Unit 37 in Ames, Iowa





- 4 million hours of Auxiliary mission outreach services are volunteered annually for veterans and military families. Come join us -