ALA Junior Member Activities

ALA Junior members volunteer with other girls in their age group in many engaging activities:

  • Learning about patriotism and how to show respect for the American flag
  • Helping military families in practical ways such as mowing yards and helping military kids become acclimated at a new school
  • Distributing poppies and raising awareness, especially on Memorial Day and Veterans Day, so our veterans know we care about them
  • Practicing leadership by organizing service projects
  • Earning service patches while learning about ALA programs
  • Demonstrating responsibility for future scholarship, college, or military service applications

If you are a female ALA member 17 years of age or younger and love our country, imagine attending a regional or national meeting focused on Junior Activities with a hundred girls who could become your lifelong friends! The American Legion Auxiliary encourages young women to lead the way in continuing its legacy of serving veterans, the military, and their families. 

"Nothing I can ever do will truly be enough to say ‘thank you’ to them [veterans], but I can do my best by representing them through the American Legion Auxiliary.”
- ALA Junior member Ashlynne Jenkins of Unit 158 in DeWitt, Ark.




- A Community of Volunteers Serving Veterans, Military, and their Families -