Thank you for your feedback.
Your feedback will help us improve the organization, which impacts how all of us as members serve the ALA’s mission.

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The survey is now closed.


Why should I take the survey?

  • Taking the survey will allow you to have your voice heard. Your feedback will help us discover what members want, gain a better understanding of the experiences, and identify opportunities for improvement. This valuable information will also help us develop strategies to help grow our organization.

How will the survey results be used?

  • The information will establish a baseline of who our members are and how they feel about the organization. Results will reveal overall trends that will allow us to continue doing what works and fix what doesn’t. The information will help tailor programs and training offered, improve member benefits, re-examine recruiting plans, design a marketing strategy, and develop diversity, equity, and inclusion training and awareness programs.

Is the survey open to every ALA member?

  • Yes. We want all members to participate.

Why didn’t I receive an invitation email to take the survey?

  • Check your spam folder — it may be held up in there or in folders labeled “other” in your email account.  
  • Emails were sent to members who had an email address on file in our national member database.
  • You can still take the survey — visit this link. You will need your ALA member ID for verification. 

Why do you need my ALA member ID?

  • It is for verification purposes to make sure members are taking the survey only once. All responses will remain confidential.

Where can you find your ALA member ID?

  • Your ALA member ID is a 9-digit number starting with either a 3 or a 1. You can find your ALA member ID on your membership card, the mailing label of your latest Auxiliary magazine, or by logging in to your MyAuxiliary profile on our website.

What email address will the survey come from?

  • You may also see ALA National Headquarters in addition to the email address.

How long will it take me to complete the survey?

  • It will take about 15-20 minutes of your time.

Do you have to complete the survey in one sitting?

  • No. You can exit the survey and return with your member ID number.

Will people in my unit or department be able to see my survey answers?

  • No. Your confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Your responses will be viewed only at the combined level, and we will not be looking at individual data. Raw data will not be stored with your member data (ALAMIS) and will not impact your membership in any way. Your responses will be used to identify ways we can enhance the service we deliver.

How can I help members who do not have internet access or need assistance?

  • Thank you for offering help to others and encouraging them to take the survey! Consider bringing your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to your unit meeting for members to use.

Will the results be shared with ALA members?

  • Definitely! Survey results will be shared as they become available. Stay tuned to our social media channels @ALAforVeterans for updates.