National Junior Meetings


Across the country, Junior members of the American Legion Auxiliary are building their leadership skills as they carry out our mission of helping veterans, military, and their families. When these talented teens and tweens come together at ALA national Junior meetings, there is sure to be lots of laughing, singing, dancing, and idea-sharing among these new friends who feel like family. With lots of friend-to-friend learning, takeaways include new ideas, a poppy craft, songs you won’t be able to get out of your head, and a mission-related service project, plus new ways to turn up the fun at home.

Since the meetings are held on a Saturday, attendees won’t miss any school. Plus, a meeting is likely to be within driving distance.

Please note that an ALA Mission Training event for adults will also be held at the same time and location. Go to for more information.

All sessions are designed to be interactive and fun for your ALA Junior member!

Questions? Contact ALA National Headquarters’ Events Team at or (317) 569-4500.