The American Legion CWF grant supports Star Spangled Kids project

Posted On: Thursday, 19 October 2023

Educating our children about American history is essential to our country’s civic health. Star Spangled Kids is the American Legion Auxiliary initiative to inform our youth about United States history, Americanism, and the U.S. Constitution.
“The Star Spangled Kids project promotes Americanism and patriotism while allowing students to learn more about the U.S. Constitution,” said National Americanism Committee Chair Sallie Rossman. “The knowledge students gain through this project will enable them to become insightful citizens and future leaders.” 
To show their support and appreciation, The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation (CWF) Inc., awarded the American Legion Auxiliary’s Star Spangled Kids project with a generous grant to help further educate and enlighten the youth of America. The ALA used the awarded funds to distribute Star Spangled Kids kits to every ALA department headquarters so members can use them as valuable, topical educational tools to teach children the importance of American history. 
“The Child Welfare Foundation grant will allow the Star Spangled Kids project to be a prominent component of the Auxiliary’s Americanism program,” said Rossman. “The grant funds identical kits to departments providing unified information, creating innovative ideas to energize the Star Spangled Kids project and the students the project reaches.”
Our goals for the Star Spangled Kids kits are to further the civic education of our youth in local communities across the country, to promote the values and mission of The American Legion Family nationwide, and to instill a sense of patriotism in our nation’s youth. 
“It’s important for us to educate our youth to be good citizens, teach them about our country’s history, and help them to promote patriotism throughout all our communities,” said National Constitution & Bylaws Committee Chair Michele DeGennaro. 
The Star Spangled Kids kits give our members more tools to make a difference in children’s lives within local communities. The educational kits are to be used as launching pads to promote patriotism and educate our youth about the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the freedoms unique to our country. 
“The CWF grant for the Star Spangled Kids project allows the Auxiliary to showcase the Americanism tools available from American Legion Flag & Emblem Sales and outside vendors to departments,” said Rossman.“The project will provide avenues for departments to explore the various uses of the items — from handouts at events to demonstrating to members the usage of items to promote patriotism and flag etiquette — while increasing student knowledge of the U.S. Constitution,” said Rossman.
Thanks to the CWF grant, the Star Spangled Kids kits include various exciting items that make teaching our youth about the history and heritage of our country fun. Enclosed in the kits are two colorful comic books from Emblem Sales. I Pledge Allegiance comic book includes fun activities and stories that teach how and why we pledge allegiance to our flag. The Our Country’s Flag 20-page educational comic book explains the history, significance, and proper treatment of the U.S. flag in a fun and exciting way. 
“We hope these kits will reinvigorate and support these efforts in our units and departments throughout our organization,” said ALA National Headquarters Americanism Committee Liaison Chrystal Daulton. “We are thankful the CWF chose to support our project.” 
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