The ALA Foundation celebrates 15 years of charitable good

Posted On: Friday, 05 August 2022

The American Legion Auxiliary Foundation began serving veterans, military, and their families in 2007 and has never looked back. Though the ALA Foundation’s impact has grown exponentially since its inception, there is more to be done. 

One thing is certain: The ALA Foundation has served our nation’s heroes diligently for the past 15 years, and with YOUR help, it will continue to do so for the next 15 ... and beyond. 

The early years 
Since the beginning, the ALA Foundation has worked to create new and innovative ways of serving our nation’s heroes. It started by supporting existing ALA programs and activities, like the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival and ALA Girls Nation. Nearly half a million dollars has gone to such programs — making it possible for more veterans and young women to experience life-changing art therapy, and empowering leadership opportunities. 

When the needs of ALA members across the country grew, the ALA Foundation created grants to help units, departments, and other ALA entities serve veterans in new and different ways. 

Subgrants began serving ALA entities in 2012 by allowing the transfer of restricted gifts from corporations and foundations from the ALA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, to other ALA entities. These grants ensure that no money to support a local program is left on the table. Through subgrants, the ALA Foundation has supported 68 programs, including Junior camps, Quilts of Valor, Purple Up! activities, and multiple ALA Girls State programs across the country. 

The Veteran Projects Fund grant was established in 2014 to support veterans with the resources and opportunities they deserve. These grants have helped disabled veterans in Maine enjoy a day at the beach in an all-terrain wheelchair, have taken veterans to job interviews and doctor appointments in a new minivan for the Home of the Brave in Delaware, provided music therapy equipment for veterans to express themselves in St. Louis, and so much more. 

Veterans Creative Arts Festival grants have encouraged healing through artist expression at 32 festivals since 2014. These grants provide art supplies, veteran recognition rewards, and marketing efforts for local festivals and art therapy programs that feed into the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival. 

Most recently, the ALA Foundation recognized the need for increasing awareness of the ALA across the country, so in 2018, the Mission in Action grant was created. These grants have given 39 ALA units and departments lasting branded materials like pop-up tents, banners, and even trailers to help fulfill mission delivery, while keeping the Auxiliary’s name front and center. 

The ALA Foundation has granted more than $750,000 to ALA entities, making an impact at every level of the ALA. YOU can keep the spirit of the ALA Foundation alive by continuing the great work of supporting veterans, military, and their families in your hometown. Apply for a grant today at www. 

The next 15 years and beyond 
The ALA Foundation plans to grow its support of veterans, military, and their families in the next 15 years in three major ways. 

First, the ALA Foundation wants to increase the financial support it gives to the ALA on an annual basis, to allow more to be served by the incredible national programs like ALA Girls Nation, support of the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival, and any needs that emerge. The ALA Foundation also wants to increase its service to ALA units, districts, and departments by awarding more grants, with the goal of supporting every department on a regular basis. Finally, the ALA Foundation wants to increase its scope of service by focusing on creating and maintaining a diverse and talented board of directors who will undoubtedly reach a more representative group of veterans in need. 

None of the ALA Foundation’s successes would have been possible without its generous donors. To ensure the ALA Foundation exists to help the changing needs of veterans for generations to come, we need YOUR help: 

Give a one-time or monthly gift
By making a gift, either just for today, or on a monthly basis, you are showing your dedication to the continuation of this mission. Regular gifts to the ALA Foundation keep current Auxiliary programs and services alive and well, making sure veterans of today are taken care of. 

Leave a legacy 
You can create your legacy of service today by adding a gift to the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation into your estate plans. This gift will make you a member of our Legacy Society, a group of people dedicated to the promise of Service Not Self, who have chosen to make a planned gift to the American Legion Auxiliary or the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation. As a part of the Legacy Society, your impact will live on to serve generations to come, without impacting your financial needs of today. 

ALA Mission

In the spirit of Service, Not Self, the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary is to support The American Legion and to honor the sacrifice of those who serve by enhancing the lives of our veterans, military, and their families, both at home and abroad. For God and Country, we advocate for veterans, educate our citizens, mentor youth, and promote patriotism, good citizenship, peace and security.