Part 2: Poppy resources available to units

Posted On: Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Part 2 of 2 

Honor the fallen and support the living.

This motto has been part of poppy distribution for decades, with proceeds going toward veterans, military, and their families. 

Resources available to units

National Poppy Day toolkit 
This toolkit is available to members of The American Legion Family to help get the word out about the poppy. Events that include local government, civic leaders, your community, and the media are opportunities for departments and units to raise awareness and funds.  
Units and posts are encouraged to build on this by hosting poppy awareness activities, such as inviting local government and civic leaders to a poppymaking event in advance of National Poppy Day, while abiding by local guidelines for social distancing. 
This toolkit is designed to assist with local promotion. It contains a proclamation, sample media alert, press release, social media posts, graphics, and talking points to ensure a consistent message is used by everyone in The American Legion Family. It also includes a tip sheet for hosting a poppymaking event.

  • State and citywide proclamations: Ask your local government to declare May 28, 2021, as National Poppy Day in your community. A sample proclamation and request letter have been included in the toolkit and provide language that can be used to help your unit and post garner support from state and local officials. 
  • Media alert: Announces local poppymaking events, poppy distribution, and other activities planned around National Poppy Day. This at-a-glance reminder should be distributed to local media outlets two days prior to an event. List the specifics of where the media can go to learn more about National Poppy Day and interview local members of The American Legion Family.
  • Press release: Issued after an event to recap the details and highlights for the media. You should include a picture, if possible. In essence, you do reporters’ work for them, increasing the chances of an outlet running the story if all of the details are provided in a clear and organized way.
  • Quick facts: A good leave-behind for media following an interview, the quick facts sheet helps ensure that information and facts are accurately reported by the press. It can also be used to provide unit and post members with information, especially for those distributing poppies who may encounter questions from the general public.  
  • Tip sheet — poppymaking event: The tip sheet is provided as a guide for hosting a poppymaking event. It is organized in a start-to-finish format and can be used for reference when planning your event.
  • Social media suggestions: Unit and post websites and social media feeds can increase awareness about National Poppy Day to members and followers. Be sure to regularly post information during the weeks leading up to May 28, 2021, and encourage members to share the links with their friends and family. This ensures that your post promotes National Poppy Day outside The American Legion Family. Sample social media posts are included in the toolkit for reference.
  • Talking points: The entire American Legion Family is participating in and supporting National Poppy Day. It is very important that everyone communicates a consistent message to the media. Talking points are provided to ensure the campaign provides one clear, united voice that explains how The American Legion Family is helping communities show their support for our heroes and servicemembers on National Poppy Day. These talking points should be given to your media spokespeople and localized with details of events in your community.
  • Community calendar posting: Many print and web publications announce events in their community bulletin board sections. A sample post and submission instructions have been provided to have your event(s) included on any community calendar. For web publications, event information can be emailed to the website point of contact. 
  • Logo: The American Legion Family logo and poppy graphic can be found online for download at We encourage you to use these logos on all National Poppy Day communications.   
To view the toolkit, visit The American Legion Family created this website for the public and Legion Family entities alike to learn more about National Poppy Day.
Banners and posters 
ALA National Headquarters recently created banners for contactless drive-thru poppy distribution that units and departments can use by downloading them from the national website at Two sizes are available: 8 feet by 2 feet and 8 feet by 3 feet. 
Poppy posters are also available for use. Sizes are 11 inch by 17 inch and 18 inch by 24 inch. One poster is branded for National Poppy Day, and one includes the In Flanders Fields poem. 
Website resources 
The ALA national website has a Poppy Day resources tab. Here you will find ideas for alternative items to distribute and a poppy kit. The distribution of the bright red memorial flower to the public is one of the oldest and most widely recognized programs of the American Legion Auxiliary. 
There are many items you can distribute in exchange for donations in addition to the traditional crepe paper poppy. Items include a felt poppy, poppy cookies, and a poppy coloring book. 
The poppy kit is also available to units, with several items including a donation can label, poppy bookmark, In Flanders Fields poem bookmark, Poppy Program certificate, PSA template, Poppy Day news release template, and a sample poppy proclamation. 
Social media
Here’s an easy way to communicate the poppy message for everybody — social media. With the simple click of a button, you can share your National Poppy Day plans with all of your followers! You can also request to join the national ALA Poppy Program Facebook group at There, you and other American Legion Auxiliary members can share ideas, projects, and information about our Poppy Program!
Poppy spirit
Be sure to wear your poppy items with pride! Visit American Legion Flag & Emblem sales at to view National Poppy Day items such as shirts, pins, poppy kits, donation cans, and more.
It’s for kids, too!
Children can also get involved in spreading the poppy message. Poppy Poster Contests are held in local schools for students in grades two to 12. Also, the Little Miss Poppy Contest is a fun event for Junior Auxiliary members ages 6 to 12 who promote the Auxiliary memorial poppy. 

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ALA Mission

In the spirit of Service, Not Self, the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary is to support The American Legion and to honor the sacrifice of those who serve by enhancing the lives of our veterans, military, and their families, both at home and abroad. For God and Country, we advocate for veterans, educate our citizens, mentor youth, and promote patriotism, good citizenship, peace and security.