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ALA Girls State

High school students who have completed their junior year are competitively selected and sponsored by American Legion Auxiliary units for this program, where they learn about the political process by electing officials for all levels of state government and actively running a mock government. The participants are assigned to mock cities and either the “Federalist Party” or “Nationalist Party.”

Assistance from dedicated ALA volunteers ensures the program’s nonpartisan governmental, patriotic, and civic objectives are carried out through interactive learning. Though the week is filled with many learning opportunities, there is always time for fun and the formation of long-term friendships.

Candidates should be keenly interested in government and current events, and show strong leadership abilities. Because the structure of state and local government varies, ALA Girls State programs may vary in content and method of procedure, but each adheres to the same basic core values.

ALA Girls State Dates & Locations

American Legion Auxiliary departments (states) across the country proudly host ALA Girls State, an amazing week of learning focused on responsible citizenship, leadership, and the mission of the ALA. High school juniors interested in applying to attend ALA Girls State are encouraged to contact their school counselor or their local American Legion Auxiliary units regarding the application process and deadline.

Thank you ALA Girls State!
"I wanted to personally thank the American Legion Auxiliary for sponsoring me and giving me the opportunity to attend ALA Girls State in the summer of 2014. ALA Girls State taught me many things and I learned how to be a better leader and responsible adult. I recently applied for and was awarded the NROTC scholarship to further my dream of becoming a Marine Corps officer, and I believed many of the attributes I learned at ALA Girls State helped make that happen. Thank you again for what you did for me and the opportunity you gave me."

- Breanne D. , Tennessee -

Selection Process

ALA Girls State delegates are a diverse group of young women with a shared desire to learn and lead. ALA Girls State “citizens” come together from small towns, big cities, and rural areas to hold ALA Girls State elections, and their varied backgrounds set the stage for a week of spirited, experiential learning.

American Legion Auxiliary units work with local high school educators to identify girls who have demonstrated leadership qualities. Eligible female students are then recommended and selected by sponsoring American Legion Auxiliary units. Each ALA Girls State program and/or ALA unit determines the process they will use to select the delegates for their state. The number of ALA Girls State citizens varies by state and is determined by each state’s American Legion Auxiliary resources.

Female high school juniors interested in applying to attend ALA Girls State are encouraged to contact either their school counselor, their local American Legion Auxiliary unit or visit your ALA Girls State programs website regarding the application process and deadline.


The costs of ALA Girls State programs are underwritten by each state-level American Legion Auxiliary. ALA Girls State delegates’ registration fees are paid for by the sponsoring local American Legion Auxiliary unit with additional support and funding sometimes coming from various civic and nonprofit organizations. Participating young women may incur nominal expenses for transportation, site-specific fees, or contribution to an optional service project.